Kybella is a groundbreaking injectable that melts away double-chin fat. It is administered through a series of injections under the chin, destroying fat cells, which are then naturally shed by the body over time. This FDA-approved treatment is appropriate for patients with varying degrees of under-chin fat, from minor fatty deposits to larger amounts.

How does Kybella work?

The active ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that helps break down and absorb the fats in foods. When injected into double chin fat, this active ingredient destroys fat cells, which are then naturally shed by the body, never to return. A series of Kybella treatments may be necessary based on the quantity of fat under the chin and your personal aesthetic goals. Kybella has a long-lasting effect, allowing you to enjoy life with a slimmer, more defined, youthful jawline and chin area.

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What are Kybella injections like to experience?

The first step in melting away double chin fat is a private consultation and examination to determine if this injectable is right for you. The treatment must be performed by a certified, Kybella-trained medical professional, as you will find at Radiance by Roller.

For your comfort, the area is numbed prior to the injections. A grid pattern is marked under your chin, and the injections are performed, varying in number based on the amount of fat present. Once the injections are completed, you are free to return to your usual schedule. 

Is Kybella right for you?

  • You are tired of seeing a double chin when you look in the mirror 
  • You feel under-chin fat makes you look older or heavier than you are
  • The fat beneath your chin creates a slope or bulge between the chin and upper neck
  • You want to avoid a more invasive procedure such as surgery or lipo
  • No matter what you eat or how often you work out, your double chin won’t disappear
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How many Kybella treatments will I need?

When you meet with us, we can evaluate the quantity of under-chin fat and advise you of the number of Kybella treatments you will need to achieve your personal goals. Most people will require a series of four to six treatments performed at one-month intervals. This allows enough time for the fat cells impacted by the treatment to be shed, and any lingering swelling to dissipate. The result of Kybella injections is extremely rewarding, as, over time, you will see your double chin melting away and a more defined jawline and chin appearing – at last.

What is the recovery time?

After your injections, the area treated may feel sensitive and sore, and you may experience some swelling that will linger for varying lengths of time, typically for several days. Every person is unique in how they react to the injections, and some may experience swelling or puffiness for longer. Most patients will require a series of treatments, with the swelling reaction lessening with each subsequent session.

After your Kybella injections, do not put on makeup for 24 hours, lie down for several hours, or engage in any vigorous physical activities or exercise for several days. Apply an ice pack on and off to help reduce any swelling. Other than these restrictions, you are free to continue with your regular activities.

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Why choose Radiance by Roller for Kybella?

When you are under the care of the medical professionals at Radiance by Roller, you can trust that your treatment will be performed correctly and swiftly. Our med spa was established by Dr. Josh Roller, one of the country’s leading bariatric surgeons. Here, you will discover a range of treatments for aesthetic enhancements, including Kybella injections to melt away an excess of under-chin fat. We offer a range of treatments for those who have lost a significant quantity of weight through bariatric surgery. 

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