What are the benefits of a thigh lift?

The thigh lift procedure can provide several advantages, such as a firmer appearance and the reduction of excess skin. Furthermore, the tightening of the skin helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks that may have been caused by weight loss or other factors. With this procedure, patients are also likely to experience less chafing and discomfort in the thigh area. Additionally, any possible rashes or infections due to excess skin should be greatly reduced following the procedure.

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Why choose Radiance by Roller?

At Radiance by Roller, we use state-of-the-art procedures to help our patients reduce unwanted skin, fat, and wrinkles. We understand that after dramatic weight loss, many patients are left with loose, sagging skin that can have a negative impact on self-image. With Dr. Kaitlyn Paine at the helm of our plastic surgery department, patients can rest assured they are in meticulous and caring hands.  Our patients feel more comfortable in their own bodies while they enjoy both short and long-term results due to our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive care.

Thigh lift vs. liposuction 

If your overall skin has adequate elasticity and there's more fatty tissue than sagging skin, then liposuction may suffice as an alternative option. A thigh lift is intended to remove any excess skin, but liposuction can be done in conjunction with a thigh lift if the amount of fat surpasses loose skin. Adding lipo to a regular thigh lift procedure eliminates stubborn pockets of fat while simultaneously perfecting the texture around the upper legs.

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What to expect after your thigh lift

After a successful thigh lift procedure, you can expect to experience reduced discomfort in the form of less chafing. The scars should be easy to conceal as well.

However, your results are more likely to last if you keep a healthy lifestyle and stay within a reasonable weight range. It’s natural for skin to lose its tone and elasticity over time, regardless of your lifestyle choices.

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Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift?

If you wish to slim and contour your thighs, you may be a good candidate for a thigh lift. Typically, those who are overweight or have experienced significant weight loss, as well as aging, can benefit most from this surgery.

An ideal candidate is:

  • In good overall physical health
  • Not significantly overweight
  • Struggling with excess skin or fat on the thighs

It is also important to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery, as a thigh lift can tighten and contour the thighs, but it can’t completely turn back the hands of time. To determine if a thigh lift is right for you, it is best to consult with our experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon, who can assess your individual needs and tailor a treatment plan that will best meet your desired results.

What is the recovery for a thigh lift?

To ensure proper healing, you should limit activities for up to two weeks following your surgery. However, many patients can return to work after this period of rest. Light activity and exercises may be resumed, but strenuous exercise should not take place until 3-4 weeks post-surgery in order to guarantee full recovery of the thighs.

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