Eyelid surgery works by addressing drooping or puffiness around the eyelids that may occur with age or genetics. Many patients find the procedure beneficial, enjoying a more vibrant and alert appearance without having to resort to fillers or other repetitive, costly treatments. 

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery helps to create a more relaxed, inviting facial expression and a winning smile. Those who experience vision impairment due to drooping eyelids can enjoy increased clarity after blepharoplasty, as excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from the eyelid area. All in all, this focused procedure provides a marked transformation with potentially lasting benefits for those seeking refreshed, more youthful eyes.

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Why choose Radiance by Roller?

If you're considering a blepharoplasty and want the best possible outcome, choose Radiance by Roller. With over a decade of experience in minimally invasive aesthetics, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paine is committed to providing patients with the highest quality service, ensuring natural-looking. Our compassionate team strives to truly understand every patient's goals and helps them find the best options for achieving their desired aesthetic outcome.

What types of eye surgery are there?

The type of blepharoplasty procedure required will depend on the condition being treated and the desired outcome. Upper and lower blepharoplasties can be performed separately or in combination for more comprehensive treatment.

  • During upper blepharoplasty, excess skin is removed from the upper eyelids
  • During a lower blepharoplasty, both fat and tissue are removed from the area below the eyes
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty can also be employed to remove fat without any skin repositioning for a rejuvenated appearance 

As these procedures vary in complexity and results, it's important to consult an experienced surgeon who can advise you on which type of surgery best suits your individual needs and goals.

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What are the benefits of blepharoplasty?

The most common concerns that drive individuals to seek out this procedure include:

  • Puffiness due to excess fat
  • Sagging skin
  • Bags or hollows under the eyes 
  • Excess skin blocking vision

Performed by a certified plastic surgeon, blepharoplasty can safely and effectively remove surplus skin and fatty deposits for a more youthful countenance, often improving vision in the process. 

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Can I undergo any additionalrejuvenation to my eyelids?

In some cases, we recommend a laser treatment to help smooth fine lines around your eyes after your surgery is complete.

What is the recovery from blepharoplasty?

Your recovery may vary depending on your procedure. In some cases, patients may choose to have other cosmetic procedures performed in combination with blepharoplasties, such as brow lifts or facial implants, extending downtime. The recovery process for blepharoplasty involves soreness around the eyelid area for several days afterward. 

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What guidelines will I need to follow after my surgery?

Strict adherence to post-operative instructions includes sleeping with your head elevated for about a week and wearing dark sunglasses outdoors to protect your eyes from sun exposure. Bruising and swelling around the eyes should diminish within 10-14 days after surgery. Patients can expect full recovery from blepharoplasty six weeks after the initial procedure has been completed.

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