Anyone woman who has primped and prepared for a big night out or an important event understands the impact a long full lash brings to the overall cosmetic appearance of the face. That’s why most of us have spent a considerable amount of time and attention to finding the perfect mascara in the perfect shade with the perfect application technique. Many more of us go one step further by applying false lashes or lash sets.

Those of us who have to deal with very thin, sparse lashes understand the desire to make their lashes fuller especially if they’re the ones who wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without a coat of mascara on their lashes.

The Popularity Of Lash Treatments

That’s precisely why lash treatments have become so popular. Treatments such as Latisse are simple and painless just like many minimally invasive skin treatments. In clinical studies, at the completion of treatment lasting 16 weeks, typical results showed that lashes were over 100% thicker, 25% longer, and almost 20% darker.  This treatment actually works by growing and thickening your own natural lashes.

Getting Results

But, once you begin treatment you must be consistent in its application. Results are gradual over time, so you have to practice patience and determination. Results will begin to be visible after about 8 weeks, with full results showing by 16 weeks. The best part of this kind of treatment is its simplicity. Just brush on the treatment daily for as long as the prescription requires. Each prescription comes with disposable brushes for convenience, and there are also plenty of helpful videos to show just how to apply.

Of course, results are highly individualized. What works for some may not work for everyone. But on the whole, you can count on a visible improvement in the look and lushness of your lashes. So you can go out with naked lashes confidently, or brush some mascara on those blinking beauties for the next big night out.

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